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Our company was founded in 1997 as Network Shuttle offering retail services. Since the launch of our first pair of 'Model 1' model buses in 2010, we have been manufacturing model buses in cooperation with different bus operators and businesses. Our model buses have a high reputation for the quality and the capability to replicate the finest details. In 2019, we take the challenge in a new market for us, we started manufacturing commercial vehicles other than buses, e.g. 1:76 trucks, works vehicles, 1:64 commercial vehicles and cars.   

In 2020, we stepped into our 10th year, we have produced more than 190,000 model buses in more than 300 different variations as well as ferries, trucks and commercial vehicles in our own manufacturing facilities in Guangdong.



Model 1 is the designated Model bus manufacturer and distributor of Kwoon Chung Bus Holdings. We also work closely with other Hong Kong operators e.g. The Citybus Limited, New World First Bus Services Limited, Discovery Bay Transportation Services Limited, Park Island Transport Co. Ltd., as well as overseas companies such as SMRT Buses Ltd (Singapore), Stagecoach UK Bus and Arriva UK Bus.

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a range of model buses manufactured by Model 1

Commission Model  
Produced on request for different businesses and organisations, our commission model vehicles are ideal for various purposes including brand promotions and sales.  

Weisen-U  3M



Special Commission Models 


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